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Respect Due – The Genesis – Falling in love with Hip Hop

Welcome to our Pod Cast Blog Respect Due. We created this pod cast to highlight independent voices being heard in the hip hop music scene. This being our first episode we wanted to give our listeners an idea of the musical influences we grew up with. Dedicating our very first episode to Old School Hip Hop. We will discuss the talented artists who made us fall in love with hip hop. Starting our list off with Staten Islands finest The Wu Tang Clan. Also featured in this episode will be Rakim the GOAT MC. NAS one of our top lyricist of all time. Mobb Deep, Gangstarr, Biggie, Redman. Join us on our discussion about these talented MCs and producers.


The Wu Tang Clan




Nas, Raekwon, Prodigy, Havoc




  Prodigy & Havoc of Mobb Deep  

Gang Starr – Guru & DJ Premier


The Notorious B.I.G